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Less than two weeks was a really amazing day. My favorite day - Days NATO - Air Force Days. And again I have some stories! Wow, I can't believe that I was in the plane and in the Cockpit!  There I wanted to get as much as possible (although to the cocpit of fighter) but this plane was too amazing. It was just fascinating.

The plane was Polish, we waited about an hour - plus - minus - if we get there... There was a terrible queue even after that hour... But then something unexpected happened... One Polish pilot waved at me and my nephews to come to him, I first looked around to whom he's waves,  and then I pointed to myself, if he thinks me and he do, so we went for him. I can't speak Polish, so I talk with him in English (despite my terrible English), but then it was great. He took us for the fence, which was built around the aircrafts and forward to that plane, where they gets on a plane. At first I did not understand, but he explained that this is because we no longer have to wait there. So I told him: ,,It is not fair to those people who stood before me, they will have to wait'' and he said: ,,I do not care, I do not care, I want that you go to the plane with the children, don't worry about these people, ok? '' Well, I was so paf, the pilot was so nice and really helpful and kind! Just a pity that I did not take courage I took a picture with him.  :/
And inside, it was just a simply awesome. There was another Polish pilot, so I was there with him again had little to communicate in English, it was a little worse but fortunately there came a man who spoke perfect English, so he helped me when I asked how to stard the plane / how the plane takes off.

Then with my sister, her boyfriend and my nephews we walked past the soldiers, who brought you the military weapon and military helmet and you could take a picture with them. Fortunately, there was not such a big queue, so my nephews had another opportunity to take pictures with them. But again, I stand and I wait for them and I look around and there again waved at me one of the soldiers to come to him!! ... So first I refused, and I did not want to go there, but he still waved to me that I have to go there, so I finally went and I do not regret it! The gun was quite heavy, then they painted my face with their military colors, they gave me on my head the military helmet and I could take a picture with them... In the end, we made two photos, on the second picture both soldiers give me a kiss on the cheek (the one almost to the lips!) at that moment I had totally wide eyes (but was in seventh heaven lols), then I was terribly ashamed.

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Name: Jaroslava
Czech Republic
Hiyyyaaa... :)

I am a Big fan of Sci-fi & Fantasy Series & Movies...
There are a lots of movies and series I love, so I'm not listing here, I probably could write the book lol... And also a lot of actors and actresses I love, especially my favorites.
Otherwise I love music, dance, writing stories, draw, books, cosplay, photoshop edit, aircraft, cars and many more...

I am too a big fan of Hillywood!...<3

And I am StarGate'd maniac, Wraith maniac, Heyerdahle'd, Todd Wraithe'd, Shepparde'd, Flannigane'd, Tappinge'd, Cartere'd!
SuperWhoLock... Acklese'd, Deane'd, Doctore'd, Tennante'd, Smithe'd, Cumberbatche'd,
Collinse'd, Castiele'd!
Maevele'd, Downeye'd, Iron Mane'd, Loki'd, Hiddlestone'd!
Game of Thrones maniac, Reede'd, Targaryene'd!
Phelpse'd, Weasleye'd, Snape'd, Rickmane'd, Pottere'd!
Carlyle'd, rumpelstiltskine'd, Frozene'd!
Helen Bohnam Cartere'd!
Gagayer, Gagaween, Shakirayer, Buckinghame'd!

Vampirismus... <3
Vendetta done without passion!...♥

All living beings must eat!

Sheppard: A person who does not fly is crazy!
O'neill: A person who doesn't want to go through the StarGate is crazy!
Indeed!... ♥

That’s the best thing about being an actor, to access the world in a very short space of time and it’s your skill as an actor to pretend that you’ve been doing it all your life.

- Charlie Bewley -

Lorne: "I knew this was coming, from the moment I heard the bad guys sing."

Respect and humility that's what you gotta have.
Live your dream and never say Never!

Live long and prosper!



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