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Today absolutely amazing day at NATO Days - Air Force Days CR!
Except for a small shame that I did when I went and looked somewhere else and not forwards in front of myself. One soldier quickly passed around a me, and I stepped on his foot.  xD Poor soldier nearly fell. xD No comment.  At least I took a picture with pilots, plus for me. xD x)


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Name: Jaroslava
Czech Republic
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyyyaaa... :)

I am a Big fan of Sci-fi & Fantasy Series & Movies...
There are a lots of movies and series that I love, so I'm not listing here, I probably could write the book lols... And a lot of actors and actresses that I love, especially my favorites.
I love music, dance, writing stories, books, cosplay, photoshop edit, aircraft, cars...

I am a too Big Fan of Hillywood!...<3

And I am SuperWhoLock... Acklese'd, Deane'd, Doctore'd, Tennante'd, Smithe'd, Cumberbatche'd!
Collinse'd, Castiele'd!
Phelpse'd, Weasleye'd, Snape'd, Rickmane'd, Pottere'd!
Loki'd, Hiddlestone'd!
Game of Thrones maniac!
Reede'd! Targaryene'd!
Heyerdahle'd, Todd Wraithe'd!
Downeye'd, Iron Mane'd!
Carlyle'd, rumpelstiltskine'd!
Shepparde'd, Flannigane'd!
Tappinge'd, Cartere'd!
Helen Bohnam Cartere'd!
Gagayer, Gagaween, Shakirayer, Buckinghame'd!

Vampirismus... <3
Vendetta done without passion!...♥

All living beings must eat!

Sheppard and O'neill: A person who does not fly is crazy! A person who doesn't want to go through the StarGate is crazy!
Indeed!... ♥

That’s the best thing about being an actor, to access the world in a very short space of time and it’s your skill as an actor to pretend that you’ve been doing it all your life.

- Charlie Bewley -

Lorne: "I knew this was coming, from the moment I heard the bad guys sing."

I am what I am, and you can not do anything with it.
Once I am such, and you can me for it even kill!

I do what I want!

Respect and humility that's what you gotta have.
Live your dream and Never say Never!

Live long and prosper!



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