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Greetings to you folks... :) (Smile)

I tried to find information about certain things that I have not yet understood, but I'd really love to know it... Truth be told, I could do almost anything to know it. Ever since I found out that there is a continuation of StarGate Atlantis like the Legacy books (which makes me extremely happy), :happybounce: I tried to find some information that is ticking Legacy books. I'm not one of those people who would absolute mind a bit of spoilers, so I understand that right now it may be considered to spoilers. But the feeling... that there is a lot of things about the Wraiths, which I don't know, is really terrible I think I've fainted. La la la la and I have to think about it over and over again. CURSE YOU!
But even worse is that nobody write about it almost nowhere. :( (Sad) I found a very short spoiler about what Legacy books are, but this information was too little to know at least something more... More about Wraiths.
So here are at least a few of things that I would love to know before I get the books and understand it all ...

1) When I found by the fans that they're say to Todd ''Guide'', it's one of the things I do not understand at all. And, of course, came the questions: Why fans actually call him so? And what does it mean? It's his real name? Have Wraith own names? Or is it one of Todd in another reality? but there would be also Todd, right? I am so confused.Nuu Spin 

2) Another thing I would love to understand is whether the Wraiths really have a names? (I already mentioned it in the first question). Because somewhere I read something that they really have their own names, but people do not know about them at all.

3) Can have the Wraiths own offspring? (I mean the Wraith Queens), if they can birth in the same way as humans? I know that there are Wraiths children (as Ellia),  but they are born or produced? I know that in the last episodes with Todd, when he could eat normal food, I know pretty sure his physique is the same as a human, so he had needs as all other people.

Then there's more things - about the whole Wraith rase and company - (even those which I currently forgot or I did not come to them yet) but I think it's the things that maybe nobody know, I think. Like, who sews them the clothes and shoes? Who made ​​them the braids? Why Todd has an earring (which suits him well, and he's soooo sexy La la la la ), he pierced his ear? And what about their tattoos, perhaps they were born with them? :) (Smile) ... Oh god, so much I love Wraith race and their company, that for a while I blow up of tension and curiosity... Aww  and my hear can exlodes Heartbreaker 
Anyway I would be really happy if I could at least know something. So please if someone knew something about it, I could be really very grateful and happy for the information. Nod Nod Nod
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Name: Jaroslava
Czech Republic
Hiyyyaaa... :)

I am a Big fan of Sci-fi & Fantasy Series & Movies...
There are a lots of movies and series I love, so I'm not listing here, I probably could write the book lol... And also a lot of actors and actresses I love, especially my favorites.
Otherwise I love music, dance, writing stories, draw, books, cosplay, photoshop edit, aircraft, cars and many more...

I am too a big fan of Hillywood!...<3

And I am StarGate'd maniac, Wraith maniac, Heyerdahle'd, Todd Wraithe'd, Shepparde'd, Flannigane'd, Tappinge'd, Cartere'd!
SuperWhoLock... Acklese'd, Deane'd, Doctore'd, Tennante'd, Smithe'd, Cumberbatche'd,
Collinse'd, Castiele'd!
Maevele'd, Downeye'd, Iron Mane'd, Loki'd, Hiddlestone'd!
Game of Thrones maniac, Reede'd, Targaryene'd!
Phelpse'd, Weasleye'd, Snape'd, Rickmane'd, Pottere'd!
Carlyle'd, rumpelstiltskine'd, Frozene'd!
Helen Bohnam Cartere'd!
Gagayer, Gagaween, Shakirayer, Buckinghame'd!

Vampirismus... <3
Vendetta done without passion!...♥

All living beings must eat!

Sheppard: A person who does not fly is crazy!
O'neill: A person who doesn't want to go through the StarGate is crazy!
Indeed!... ♥

That’s the best thing about being an actor, to access the world in a very short space of time and it’s your skill as an actor to pretend that you’ve been doing it all your life.

- Charlie Bewley -

Lorne: "I knew this was coming, from the moment I heard the bad guys sing."

Respect and humility that's what you gotta have.
Live your dream and never say Never!

Live long and prosper!


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