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My dear friends, Hi! 

I would like to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR, Hug Sweating a little...   a lot of success in the new year, a great start in January, love in February, harmony in March, no worries in April, fun in May, happiness from June to November and joy in December. When the clock hits the midnight, the whole night sky glow covers. Popcorn w00t!

I'm not exactly the person who would much celebrate the Eve (
because I do not drink alcohol, excluding non-alcoholic beer, little bit of champagne or some wine - which I drink only occasionally) and it's true that this year I am really disappointed and I do not have too much for it the mood. The problem is that this year (THE FIRST TIME) I wanted to celebrate New Year's Eve with my friends, but my mom always have find her way and so she would not let me go even though I am 20 years old. She did not want to go to my sister but she didn't want be home alone, so I simply had to stay at home just because of her, maybe I'll go to my sister in the night with her where I was last year. I am a little upset, I can only hope that next year I will celebrate the Silvester differently and not at home where it is boring and nobody else. No, I disagree! :( (Sad) 
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  • Eating: Little bit of Chips
  • Drinking: Water and orange radler beer


LarrinJarriSheppiik's Profile Picture
Name: Jaroslava
Czech Republic
Hiyyyaaa... :)

I am a Big fan of Sci-fi & Fantasy Series & Movies...
There are a lots of movies and series I love, so I'm not listing here, I probably could write the book lol... And also a lot of actors and actresses I love, especially my favorites.
Otherwise I love music, dance, writing stories, draw, books, cosplay, photoshop edit, aircraft, cars and many more...

I am too a big fan of Hillywood!...<3

And I am StarGate'd maniac, Wraith maniac, Heyerdahle'd, Todd Wraithe'd, Shepparde'd, Flannigane'd, Tappinge'd, Cartere'd!
SuperWhoLock... Acklese'd, Deane'd, Doctore'd, Tennante'd, Smithe'd, Cumberbatche'd,
Collinse'd, Castiele'd!
Maevele'd, Downeye'd, Iron Mane'd, Loki'd, Hiddlestone'd!
Game of Thrones maniac, Reede'd, Targaryene'd!
Phelpse'd, Weasleye'd, Snape'd, Rickmane'd, Pottere'd!
Carlyle'd, rumpelstiltskine'd, Frozene'd!
Helen Bohnam Cartere'd!
Gagayer, Gagaween, Shakirayer, Buckinghame'd!

Vampirismus... <3
Vendetta done without passion!...♥

All living beings must eat!

Sheppard: A person who does not fly is crazy!
O'neill: A person who doesn't want to go through the StarGate is crazy!
Indeed!... ♥

That’s the best thing about being an actor, to access the world in a very short space of time and it’s your skill as an actor to pretend that you’ve been doing it all your life.

- Charlie Bewley -

Lorne: "I knew this was coming, from the moment I heard the bad guys sing."

Respect and humility that's what you gotta have.
Live your dream and never say Never!

Live long and prosper!


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